Moving and Storage Guide

The Moving and Storage Consultants at Coworado have prepared this guide for moving and storage.  Inevitably you must balance the competing objectives of convenience and budget.  Just as no two people are alike, no two moves are alike, nor are any two moving and storage companies alike in their offerings.  Today, with more options available to you, a balance can be struck that eliminates some of the “hassles and work” and make your move more tolerable.  In putting together your moving and storage package, Coworado utilizes tools not available to all companies.  Unlike other companies that can only fill a portion of your needs, Coworado truly is a “full-service” firm.  When shopping around always ask the following questions:

Does the company offer both moving and storage?

Did they want to know about your needs before they gave you a price?

Are they simply trying to “sell” you what they offer?

Does the company offer labor services?

Does the company offer portable containers?  And if so:

            Are they steel sided?  (Don’t ever use wood!)

            Are they weather-proof or do they require a cover?

            Can we schedule the days for delivery, relocation and pick up?

            Can we modify our schedule?

            Can we extend the rental for a nominal charge?

            Do they offer insurance?

            Are they locally owned?

            Can we store the container on either our site or theirs?

            Are the containers cute or bland?

            Do they fit in a single parking spot?

            Can they be delivered without a heavy truck?

Do they offer full-sized truck moves?

Do they offer a discount for pre-payment?

Do they offer storage?

Can I provide my own labor?

Do I have to drive a truck?

Do I have to walk up a ramp to fill the truck?

What if I return the truck a few hours late?

How does the company work with local charities?

Can they help us sell our house faster and for a higher price?

Do they provide a single, personal contact for any and all issues that might arise?

Are they a member of the Colorado Self-Storage Association?

Can I speak directly to the owner?

Is both moving and storage their main businesses?

Can they present more than one option for my needs?

Budget is important to all but more important to some.  To fit within the lowest budget you sacrifice the convenience of hiring labor.  The least expensive moves are “self-moves.”  Obviously if you even consider throwing things in your car or a friend’s truck, every other type of move will seem expensive.  However there are options to your friend’s truck that can greatly improve your moving experience.  Let us now examine your moving and storage options.

  •  Rent a trailer.  If you can pull a trailer, renting a trailer can allow a small apartment dweller to pack and move in a single day at a reasonable rate.  The disadvantages include having to pull it and having to return it on a tight schedule.

  • Rent a truck.  If you don’t fit in a trailer, consider a truck.  The disadvantages include safety and schedule.  You must fill a truck on a dangerous ramp—better have health insurance!  You must also unload off that ramp and drive the truck yourself (check your insurance).  You must also adhere to a strict schedule—missing the deadlines is quite expensive.

  • Rent a container.  More convenient than a truck but with that a slightly higher investment.  Convenience is the strong suit—it is dropped off; you can fill it at your pace; it is moved for you and it is picked up when you are done.  Weekly rates are very reasonable and make your move much less stressful and missed deadlines are less costly.

  • Use a container for Home Staging.  Combining moving and storage is a modern option.  If you are selling a home, STAGE YOUR HOME FOR SALE by removing clutter and personal items makes your home sell faster and at a higher price.  If you can store the container on your site, the cost is quite nominal and it starts your move.  Utilizing the storage facilities of the container company removes the container but increases the cost.

  • Use a container and use it for storage during a move.  This is a combination of the last two options.  For people who are not moving directly into their next home or for people who just want to take more time utilize containers and storage.  Have the container brought out and then fill it (with or without labor assistance).  Then store the container either on your site or on their lot to be delivered to the new location when you are ready to move in.

  • Hire labor to assist with container moves.  The secret to keeping labor costs within reason is in the packing.  If you box and label your items efficiently before the labor arises, labor becomes a very reasonable proposition.

  • Moving Trucks.  This option can run from relatively inexpensive, do-it-yourself moves to full-service moves utilizing a moving company, their labor and their equipment.  For large, long moves this option, although expensive, is probably your best.

  • Storage.  Short-term storage is best accomplished through the use of a container.  It is most inexpensive if you store the container on your site however you can store with the container company.  Prices vary, however they are generally much less expensive in the winter—during the summer months they need their containers for people moving.  In either case, self-storage units are less expensive and better protected from the elements.  You can even rent climate-controlled space.  Getting your items to the storage unit can be a problem that can be solved through the use of a rental truck or container.  The disadvantages of truck use have been discussed above.  Using a container requires multiple moves and possibly labor.  As a rule of thumb, if you are going to need storage for more than 3 months, use self-storage, if less simply use the container company.

Coworado’s moving consultants can be reached at 303 719 COWS (2697)