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Gov. Hickenlooper announces that The State of Colorado is being Renamed

COWs – Container On Wheels® Mobile Storage announces the opening of its first dealership in Colorado, located on Ventura Street in Aurora. In honor of this momentous occasion the entire state is being renamed “Coworado” permanently.

PRLog (Press Release)Nov. 29, 2012 – At the press conference to announce this ridiculous misuse of power, Gov. Hickenlooper clarified his position by stating, “Everyone loves COWs.  So why not?” When asked if he thought that the Coworado General Assembly was onboard he replied, “Who cares…referendums are for non-bovines!”

COWs of Coworado offers 8’ and 16’ COWs – Container On Wheels® mobile storage containers for daily, weekly and monthly rental.

The owners of the new COWs Mobile Storage dealership in Coworado are Bob Jones and Dirk Dieters.  While the Governor was announcing the state name change at a press conference, Bob and Dirk were on the golf course and unreachable for comment.

After completing their round of golf and taking a short nap (separately of course) both Dieters and Jones commented on the name change.  “Back in 1988 I tried to convince Governor Romer to change the name of the state to: The State of Colorado Deck & Landscape. He hung up on me. But Hickenlooper seems much more progressive. And we all know, for obvious reasons, that Hickenlooper is a real fan of catchy names.”

“Aside from traditional moving and/or storage uses, COWs Mobile Storage containers are great for decluttering a house that you want to sell,” said Dieters. “That service is known as home staging.” Dieters will be in charge of the home staging program for COWs of Coworado. Dirk continued, “The Real Estate Staging Association claims that staged homes sell within 33 days compared to an average of 196 days for homes that are not staged. COWs has a special home staging program designed to help folks sell their homes faster – and for a great price.”

FYI: Many of the “so called” facts in this silly press release are complete manure. But make no mistake; COWs is the best mobile storage solution in the world.

COWs of Coworado invites everyone to call them for help with any moving or storage need.  Or if you own a moving or self storage business – call to find out how COWs can help you make more money.  Customers in the newly named State of Coworado that are interested in renting COWs mobile storage containers should call 866-GET-A-COW or visit COWs on the web at

About COWs Mobile Storage and COWs – Container on Wheels®

COWs Mobile Storage opened its first dealership in April of 2009. Since then COWs has become the fastest growing mobile storage company in North America.  The current COWs dealership network’s “service areas” are home to 71,474,956 people in the US.  As of November 29, 2012, COWs containers are available for rent to approximately 23% of the United States population.

COWs is the only mobile storage system designed to “bolt-on” and enhance existing truck rental businesses, moving companies and self-storage facilities. Certain territories are still available.  Call today to apply for a dealership. For more information on how the COWs Dealership Program can get your business moooooving visit

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