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   LOTS OF PICTURES ON FACEBOOK–COWORADO COWS!   You contact us for your MOVING OR STORAGE needs.  Your Trail Boss goes to work.  We deliver to your site; you fill it; we move it to where you want it; you unload it; we remove it!  Simple and Fun!




Customize Your Moving and Storage Needs with our Options:

Moving – We deliver the COW to you.  You can pack or we can help.  Then we move the packed COW to your new location.  You can unload or we can help.  Then we return the COW to pasture.  You move at your schedule!  Take your time or do it in a day—it is up to you instead of the needs of a truck!  No ramps, no driving, no gas charges, and no deadlines!

Home Staging – We deliver a COW when you list so you can de-clutter and make your home more saleable.  Keep the COW on your site to let everyone know that your home is listed or we can move it to our lot or long-term storage.

Storage – Store on your site, our site or in long-term storage.  You can store your filled COW on your site or we can move it to ours.  If you need long-term storage or indoor storage, we can deliver to self-storage locations to save you money.

Labor – Yours or ours.  We can provide labor for the entire move or you can load the easy stuff.  Save money by providing all of your own labor.

Corporate Moving and Storage – Be a hero and reduce the cost of your company moving and storage needs.  Temporary or long-term storage costs can be reduced by using a COW.

Event Staging – You no longer need to rely on volunteers to deliver your event needs.  Pack a COW and have it delivered to your event and then picked up after the event for you to restock and have redelivered.  No need to clutter your office or business with event materials.